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In the process of propagating and renovating Vietnamese Buddhism in Vietnam and the world, master Thich Thanh Tu has written many books and given incountable lectures to Vietnamese people. Each piece of writing or lecture is invaluable. Some of them were translated into English by several dedicated practitioners and laities. Below is the list of translated versions that have been published. These books are FREE of charge. For any questions, please email us.


By Tu Tam Hoang

          Buddhism and The Youths
          If You Know (Poetry Collection)
          My Whole Life
          The Carefree Leaves
          The Practicing Method of Vietnamese Zen
          The Source of Buddhist Dharmas
          Truc Lam Founder - 2005 (New)

By Tue Minh Thien (Kevin Kim)

  • Udumbara Flowers I
  • Udumbara Flowers II
  • The Path To Freedom

Not availabe at this time

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