Dai Dang Monastery

Dai Dang monastery founded in 2001 by a group of devotees, who went out of their way to make it possible. It locates on a beautiful hill of approximately 9 acres of land in Bonsall city of San Diego, California.

Dai Dang is not an ordinary monastery, but it has been recognized as the learning and practicing center of Vietnamese Buddhist Meditation Congregation, under the leadership of Zen Master Thich Thanh Tu (officially in Sept. 2001). The formation of Dai Dang monastery has brought much of benefits to Buddhists: their research, learning, practicing, and affiliation. For a short time, it has made a significant achievement even though the path is still long.

If you have a chance to visit the monastery, you definitely will feel impressive with its scenery. It's quite peaceful and refreshing, compare to the crowded city environment. Its daily schedule is based on the daily schedule of Truc Lam monastery at Da Lat (Vietnam).

As we all know, in the future, Dai Dang will continue its functions and activities, while the sangha will continue their mission of bringing benefits to all people and propagating Vietnamese Zen.


: 25+ monks
Abbot:    Reverend Thich Tue Giac

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