Truc Lam Monastery

The contruction of Truc Lam monastery started on April 28, 1993 and ended in 1994. The inaugural ceremony followed on March 19, 1994. Two days later, Master Thich Thanh Tu made an announcement of closing the inner part of the monastery from the public, so that the monastic practitioners could practice without distraction.

With the goal of renovating Vietnamese Zen of Tran dynasty, the Master started to translate and lecture all writings and teachings of Truc Lam's sect. Since that time, all monasteries founded by the Master applied the same rites and practiced each night the "Rite of Repentance," which was written by King Tran Thai Tong.


Sangha:       100+  monks,  96+  nuns
Rector:         Most Venerable Thich Thanh Tu
Head monk: Unknown
Head nun:    Bikkhuni Thich Nu Nhu Tam

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